Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lovin Life!

Braxton is now three weeks old! I have loved every minute I have had with him. It is very weird to think that my due date for him is still a week away. I think I would have been completely miserable at this point if I was still pregnant with him. It is so nice to be able to bend over! I went so early because my blood pressure was staying dangerously high. Plus my body was already stating labor on its own! He was 6lbs and 14oz. 191/4inches long! He is so sweet and such a calm little guy! Chancy had two weeks off work form the day I delivered. What a blessing and enjoyable time that was! He was very helpful! My mom also stayed about 5 days total with us! That was awesome! She did everything for us! I love my mom so much! She is such and awesome woman! I have really enjoyed the time I have had off work. I miss seeing everyone at work but I really love being a stay at home mom while I can. Chancy and I hope to work out something with our work schedules so that one of us will always be home with Braxton. My sister will also be moving in with us and she will only be working 3 days a week so we hope between the three of us, we wont need outside help. For now though I still have 9 more weeks at home! We are very happy with our lives and thank our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ for all they have done for us!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Twenty Four WEEKS!

Our first little guy is a little more then half way done baking! We are so excited! We are very blessed to have had a smooth pregnancy so far! Out little guy is health and well i call him strong! He is starting to get some good kids in through out the day, some of them make me jump. It is very strange having something moving around inside of you all day!
We are still currently looking for a house :(. I am super tired of doing this. We have make 11 offers! Is that not enough?? I am not sure what we need to do. We have tons of questions like.... Are we just not suppose to by a house and Heavenly Father is helping us out by keeping it from happening? Are we suppose to look in Queen Creek? (We have looked everywhere else in the valley except for there.) It is not a very fun process! One good thing that has happened with our house situation is that our crazy neighbor has moved!!! So we have not had that annoying banging on the walls and the crazy phone calls or awkward hellos where he would say something like "I communicate with the human." haha

We are very bless and love life right now! We could not ask for anything else (maybe a house haha). Really though we are happy and are doing well! We have amazing parents and brothers and sisters! What else do you need in life???

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Parenthood??!!!!!!!! :)

We are going to be parents! I am currently 11 weeks and still, sick as a dog. I just have enough energy to work my 3 days a week and then the rest I am fighting to get things done are the house. It is weird be tired all the time. It does not help that food has no value to me. I can be starving and still just not want to eat because i know 9 times out of 10 its not going to stay down. I am happy though. I am just grateful to be pregnant. We are very exciting to be parents! It will be a new fun adventure!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Buying a Home

Buying a home is so exciting yet a nightmare! We found the perfect home! Three bedroom two bath. Nothing major to fix just simple cosmetic repairs... ect. We made the offer, they excepted the next day, our inspection went great no major repairs needed. There was a fan on the heating/AC unit that needed repaired but the bank who owns the home agreed to fix it! So awesome right?! Everything went so smoothly! Our ten day inspection period was up! Everything going so smoothly! woohoo! My brother came down for the weekend and he wanted to see the house, so we went to it and all we really could do was look in the windows but because we were not with our realtor. I am looking in the master bedroom window and there in the ceiling is a gigantic whole! It looked like someone had fallen through it! We called our realtor and he met us there and sure enough someone had fallen through it and now there is water leaking on to the carpet and a closet door! Luckily the bank said they would fix it! I just hope they fix everything because the carpet is ruined from insulation sitting on it for who knows how long. It is a mystery who fell through the ceiling. It is sad that whoever did it, did not fess up but oh well at least the bank agreed to fix it! Now our job is to gather every piece of paper that the bank needs. Bills, W2, letters, any and everything! We are almost there! The close date is the end of February! It is the scariest commitment i have made thus far in my life. People at work like to laugh at me when I say this because they think that getting married should have been the scariest commitment I have made, but i always tell them that was the easiest!

Monday, October 11, 2010

I Love Him!

Its amazing to me how long i have known Chancy! It really has not been that long... almost 4 years now but it feels as though I have known him forever now. I just do not know how i made it in my life without him. He makes me so happy! I am glad that i know we can be together for all eternity! If I did not have that promise i am pretty sure I would never leave his side! He is so cute! He does his very best to take care of me and to always make sure every thing is good between us! I know he has a testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! He does his very best to Live that gospel each and every day! Sometime I feel so inadequate. I know he loves me despite my imperfections! He is just an amazing husband! So Chancy thank you so much for being you! Thanks for making our marriage so great! Above all thank you so much for taking me to the temple! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!

Friday, September 24, 2010

San Carlos!

Chancy and I were finally able to dive together! Last Thursday Chancy, my Mom, Dad and myself set off at 3am to go to San Carlos, Mexico! We got there around noon, ate then went to the condos, changed and jumped straight into the ocean! We snorkeled for about 3 hours! It was so beautiful there! We played with the little craps that have the shells on there backs a while then scoped out some lobsters to grab during our night dive off the shore, after that we just played with all the fish that we saw! On Friday we took off on the boat to to our first dive together! Our first dive was a little rough! We both were able to clear our ears so we got to go down all the way to the bottom (60 feet). We went under and over rocks saw all kinds of colors and sea life. We just kept going and going. Then we we say we only had 1000 lbs of air left in our tanks we started to head back, only we were a lot farther then we thought so we surface to see exactly how far we were from the ship! We were about a football Field way! So we started back on the surface against the current! There was one point in which i was sure i could not make it any further and Chancy was gonna have to dang me. I started getting very grumpy at this point telling Chancy we were not to do that again and that we needed to to head back at about 1/2 a tank under water because it a lot easier to swim under water! haha i felt bad after that so i just kept swimming and finally made it back with out saying anything else that was not positive! That night when we got back to the condos we decided we wanted to go for a night dive! Good idea??? No! ha ha We only had two flash lights and so I was voted to stay in between my Father and Husband. Sure i thought that will be ok.. Well no my dad and chancy did not stay on either side on went one way another went the other way. So i stuck with one at a time. Neither one of them were very mindful of what was on my side so the constantly were dragging me into the rocks! In there defence the tide was pretty strong because it was very close to a full moon but all they had to do was shine the flashlight to the side of them every now and again! haha After the dive i was surprised to find i had not hit a poisonous rock fish but i did have sea urchin slivers in my rear! That did not feel good. Not to mention all the scraps and bruises i received! ha ha All in all the the night dive was awesome! It was so fun to see the sea life at night! So different! Ire but fun! I was not laugh or enjoying it much at the time but now i think about it was a lot of fun! Saturday we got to dive with the Sea Lions! They are so fast and playful! They follow you around and swim up to you very fast. Chancy and I both touched one and the one i touched just kinda snapped at me. the one Chancy touch brought the big boy sea lion down to stare Chancy down! It was kinda funny but kinda made me a little nervous. Saturday night we relaxed! Sunday morning we packed up and went to church in Mexico. Chancy was the only one who understood anything. After Church Chancy asked for directions to the Temple there. A nice member offered to drive us there! It was a beautiful Temple. The Shape reminded me of the Snowflake temple. The drive home after that was long! Chancy was a trooper and stayed awake while we all slept! We made it home safe and worn out! It was a great trip and we all had a blast!

Monday, August 23, 2010


I love the weekends! This weekend we were able to go camping, it was only one night but I loved being up in the mountains. We left Friday at 3:30pm we arrived at camp at 10:00pm
we could have been there around eight but we got lost, my brother was so nice and awesome but his directions were missing one key point, he told us to take the 249 well we should have taken the 249E. In all fairness to him the roads out there are set up pretty crazy and the names are not marked very well. It was fun being with Chancy all that time so I did not mind extra time stuck in the truck with him. I know that Heavenly Father is what got us to the campsite! Through prayer he helped us guess the right roads. I knew that he knew where our family was camping and he helped us along the way. When we did get there they were all asleep, Blake woke up though and came out and talked to us. He had made a place for us in his camper but we decided we wanted to sleep out side by the fire! So, we did! I would have frozen if it had not been for my amazing husband Chancy! He woke up all night long putting logs on the fire! We did not sleep much however because the elk were bugling like crazy and were very close by so it was very fun listening to them. Around 1:30am a few moo cows had decided to come into camp. They were noisy things but still fun! Around 5:00am my Favorite Uncle Craig was getting up ready to go hunting! So I decided everyone should start getting up! I woke my grandparents up and they said Chancy and I could take there four-wheeler out and follow Blake and Alicia while they hunted for Deer (buck) Archery! Every pretty much had a tag for deer! It was so nice to be outside on a four-wheeler not dying from all the heat like we do when we go out side here in Mesa! We actually saw a lot of deer but they just couldn’t get one while we were there but of course as soon as chancy and I left and started heading back home Blake was able to get himself a 3 point deer. We loved spending time with our family! It was just very relaxing to be with them! We wished we could have spent more time with them out in the woods! We got back to our house in Mesa at about 11:00pm and it was raining like crazy! Everything was pretty much flooded! It was a very good weekend! Church was once again very nice! Very uplifting! Oh, I got a new calling. Beehive’s advisor and personal progress coordinator. I am very excited to be back in young women’s.