Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lovin Life!

Braxton is now three weeks old! I have loved every minute I have had with him. It is very weird to think that my due date for him is still a week away. I think I would have been completely miserable at this point if I was still pregnant with him. It is so nice to be able to bend over! I went so early because my blood pressure was staying dangerously high. Plus my body was already stating labor on its own! He was 6lbs and 14oz. 191/4inches long! He is so sweet and such a calm little guy! Chancy had two weeks off work form the day I delivered. What a blessing and enjoyable time that was! He was very helpful! My mom also stayed about 5 days total with us! That was awesome! She did everything for us! I love my mom so much! She is such and awesome woman! I have really enjoyed the time I have had off work. I miss seeing everyone at work but I really love being a stay at home mom while I can. Chancy and I hope to work out something with our work schedules so that one of us will always be home with Braxton. My sister will also be moving in with us and she will only be working 3 days a week so we hope between the three of us, we wont need outside help. For now though I still have 9 more weeks at home! We are very happy with our lives and thank our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ for all they have done for us!

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